99s国际女飞行员组织(The NINETY-NINES® INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION OF WOMEN PILOTS®),亦被译为"99S女性飞行员协会"或“99飞行俱乐部”。于1929年在纽约成立。因首批会员有99人而得名。作为国际性非盈利性慈善机构,旨在为航空界女性创造职业发展机遇。协会运作着两处航空博物馆与飞行支持基金,为女性飞行员的职业发展提供奖学金支持,并在世界范围内开展参与航空活动。99S总部位于美国俄克拉荷马州俄克拉荷马市,成员由女性职业飞行员、私人飞行员,拥有飞行执照的航空从业者以及航空爱好者构成。

99s China Section was founded in 2015 by Ida Zhang, Wenyu Fu, and other Chinese 99s. Members of the group came from various backgrounds, some holding successful careers with flying as a hobby, some flying professionally for domestic and international carriers, all share a passion for flying and a love for aviation. We are proud to count Saki Chen, the first Asia woman to attempt around-the-world flight and Wenyu Fu, the first Chinese female captain in the history of U.S. airlines, among our distinguished members. Since the establishment of the section, ladies of China 99s have attended several major aviation events: from Zhuhai Airshow to Wuhan Aviation Expo, from 99s annual conference to sister section’s annual meetings. In a country where female pilots made up less than 1% of the total pilots, our participation in various aviation activities has greatly increased the visibility of Chinese women pilots and made more people aware that “women do fly”. We hold dearly to our heart 99s mission: “To promote advancement of aviation through education, scholarships, and mutual support while honoring our unique history and sharing our passion for flight.”  

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